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V CORE 97 Lite

V CORE 97 Lite

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Yonex adds another chapter to the VCORE PRO 97! Like its predecessors, this update will appeal to the experienced player in search of control, spin and speed.  

For 2021, Yonex tweaks the shaft geometry to help the racquet bend more effectively during impact. They’ve also added a slightly thicker beam for extra pop and stability. Under the hood, Yonex adds 2G-NAMD (Flex Force) to the graphite layup. This is designed to help the frame snapback more effectively during impact. 
 Other material updates include Flex Fuse which involves a soft polymer in the layup for added comfort. Yonex's signature technology remains the ISOMETRIC head shape, which creates a larger sweetspot and more forgiving feel. As with the previous generation, this update includes VDM (Vibration Dampening Mesh), a handle technology used to reduce harsh impact vibrations. 

On groundstrokes, this racquet moves faster than the heavier 97H endorsed by Wawrinka. As such, it is better for scrambling on defense or hitting shots on the run. It also delivers outstanding feel at impact along with the kind of the spin-potential that brings the ball down hard. Ultimately, with this 2021 update to the VCORE PRO 97, Yonex has checked all the right boxes. Intermediate and advanced players looking for spin, speed and feel should start here. 

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